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In this podcast series we explore the lives and experiences of Noongar Elders living in Boorloo (Perth).

Aunty Theresa Walley

Listeners are warned that this podcast features the voice of deceased Ballardong Elder Theresa Walley.

Aunty Doolann Leisha Eatts

Listeners are warned that this episode of Ni - Listen features the voice of a deceased Elder. It contains graphic content about a massacre and injuries sustained by vi...

Uncle Walter Eatts

In this episode, we meet Uncle Walter Eatts. Uncle Walter is the child of a stolen generation mother from the Kimberley and a white father from Busselton. His parents...

Uncle Farley Garlett

In this episode, we listen to Uncle Farley Garlett.

Uncle Ben Taylor

Uncle Ben Taylor Cuiermara is a proud Noongar Yued Elder who has been fighting for justice for longer than most of us have even been alive! Content Warning: This epi...

Aunty Margaret Culbong

Aunty Margaret Culbong is well known in Boorloo (Perth) for being an outspoken activist. Driven by a lifetime of racism and injustice, she’s been a powerhouse advocate...

Uncle Noel Nannup

Uncle Noel Nannup has spent the best part of his life sharing his love of his ancient Aboriginal culture. Content Warning: This episode contains graphic content.

Uncle Albert McNamara and Aunty Irene McNamara

In this episode you're going to meet a couple of characters - Uncle Albert and Aunty Irene McNamara. Content Warning: This episode contains racist descriptions of Ab...

Aunty Muriel Bowie

Aunty Muriel Bowie is one of the last generation of bush babies, she was born under a gum tree near York and delivered by all her aunties.

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